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"Decisions, Choices & Options: The Facts About Teen Pregnancy" is an educational presentation for high school students providing information about each of the options a young woman faces in an unplanned pregnancy. The goal of this program is to provide current, factual information and correct any misconceptions regarding any of the three options.

DCO staff are available for presentations in public and private schools, community youth organizations, church youth/women's groups and health organizations.  For speaking engagements in the Middle Tennessee-Nashville area, there is no charge.  Engagements that require travel would involve travel expenses plus a per diem.

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Letter of Reference from Agency Director


January 20, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Two years ago, the Alpha Pregnancy Testing Center, Sav-A-Life, Inc. was selected to participate in a pilot program featuring an abstinence education resource entitled “Decisions, Choices and Options”. DCO has proved to be a successful tool used to reinforce the abstinence message in a way that students readily respond to. The combination of videos, statistics and real life pregnancy situations provides much food for thought and discussion. Each of the three options faced during pregnancy, i.e. parenting, aborting, or adopting are explained in a factual and informative manner. The students love the MTV video featuring a teenage couple who make an adoption plan for their daughter and the 3D ultrasound photos generate a lot of feedback as well.

The use of the pre and post test surveys is helpful in gauging the effectiveness of the material. The overwhelming majority of comments received have been positive and many students have indicated that this is their favorite program.

Prior to serving as the Center Director at the Alpha Center, I volunteered as an abstinence presenter. I am familiar with all the programs used in grades 5 through 12 and DCO is by far the most effective for 9th and 10th grade students.

I highly recommend and endorse “Decisions, Choices, and Options” and believe it is a necessary component to any successful abstinence education program.



Diane Pruitt
Executive Director
PO Box 582
Jackson, AL. 36545 

Letter of Reference from High School Teacher


June 1, 2010

The Honorable Kathleen Sibelius
Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20201

Dear Madam Secretary,

It is my pleasure to write to you today to express my full support of Decisions, Choices and Options: Facts about Teen Pregnancy’s grant to the Office of Public Health and Science’s Office of Adolescent Health (OPHS/OAH) for Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Research and Demonstration Programs and Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) (Tier 2) OPHS-TPP Tier 2-2010; CFDA #93-297.

My Wellness Classes at Hendersonville High School were the first to implement Decisions, Choices and Options in 2002. Before implementing this program in my class, many students thought their only options in the case of teen pregnancy were to have an abortion or raise the child as a teen parent. This program has been instrumental in educating a whole generation of students that have come through our school as to their options should they become pregnant as a teenager. We have also seen significant evidence that has shown us that through this program students have become aware of the option of adoption, which they would have never even considered. This program has given many young teenagers the information that they need to consider all their options should they become pregnant.

I have personally seen the positive influence and impact that this program has had on many teenagers. I strongly urge you to commit any resources that you have available through grant funding to keep this program alive in our schools today. This program provides age appropriate, medically accurate information that has and will continue to have an extremely positive impact on the youth of our communities and others. Thank you for your time and consideration of a very important program as you select grants for the upcoming year.


Stacia Dean
Wellness Teacher and Athletic Director
Hendersonville High School
Hendersonville, TN